390 North Mall Drive, St. George, Utah

Our St. George Store is our main location and houses our largest showroom floor totaling 117,000 square feet of Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Flooring and Window Coverings. We built and relocated to this building from our original location on St. George Boulevard in June 2000 where we continued to be the largest showroom in Southern Utah. With our remodel in 2011 to our showroom floor we have been able to remain offering our community the most current home furnishing options.

There is no shortage of fun and opportunities to interact and learn from a wide variety of team members at our St. George Store. With over 100 team members at this location you are sure to find a friend and many people to support you as you grow with BlvdHome. There are 19 different departments including our corporate offices located in just this one building. Some of the departments are Advertising, Buying, Sales, Warehouse, HR, Finance, Display, Accounting, and Guest Services just to name a few. Our St. George Store is not your average place to work and you will notice the unique atmosphere will not be lacking when you enjoy lunch or just a snack at our Diner conveniently located right in the middle of your workplace.


Our Team Members work hard for us, and we believe in providing the best benefits possible for them and others that may be a part of their lives. Please look inside for more information on our benefits.

Company Culture.

Boulevard Home has been serving residents of Southern Utah and Nevada since 1974. Please look inside to find out what we live by.

Choose Your Team.

Boulevard Home has many teams requiring team members with a large variety of skill sets. Browse through our teams and see where you might be a good fit. You can even sign-up to be notified when a position comes open.